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Engineering and Technical Support for Towed Systems to the In-Service Engineering Agent (i.e., NAVSEA Warfare Center - Newport Code 15) in support of NAVSEA PMS 401.

Engineering and Technical Support to the Towed Array Handling Equipment Facility for Towed Handlers at NAVSEA Warfare Center - Newport.

Engineering and Technical Support to the SEAWOLF Weapons Stowage and Handling System Technical Refresh effort to Lockheed Martin Corporation in support of NAVSEA PMS 392.

Design Engineering and Technical Support to Electric Boat Corporation for the OA-9070E Control and Indicator Unit Technical Refresh effort.

Engineering and Technical Support to the OK-410 (V)3 Multi-Function Towed Array (MFTA) Handling & Stowage Group (H&SG) effort to NAVSEA Warfare Center - Newport in support of IWS5

Contracted by Electric Boat Corporation for Engineering and Technical Support for the development of the OA-9070E Deployable Array Working Group for VIRGINIA Class submarines.

Engineering and Design Services to the Middle Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center for Towed Systems Special Purpose Tools and Test Equipment development.

Contracted by NAVSEA Warfare Center - Newport for the manufacture of a Maintenance Assist Module Storage (MAMS) Locker for SSN 778.  The MAMS locker (See photo below) is a specialized variant of a Universal Submarine Electronic Equipment Packaging System (USEEPS) enclosure.  USEEPS is an electronic enclosure design, developed by SE&A, that reduces electronic equipment shock and vibration loads from military specification levels to load levels acceptable for Commercial-Off-the-Shelf electronic equipment.  The USEEPS design is reconfigurable to match the specific end user required equipment loadout configuration and is suitable for submarine, surface ship and seismic applications.